Drinking outside Company Bar at Manchester Pride

Manchester Pride 2014 / Alert

The Macdonald Hotel is situated right next to Picadilly Station and very close to Canal Street.

The Macdonald Hotel is situated right next to Picadilly Station and very close to Canal Street.


For the first time ever, we decided to book a hotel and stay in Manchester this year to enjoy the pride event.    Alert was on, on the Friday night, so we decided to stay the Friday and Saturday so that we could go out, enjoy the event and not have to worry about getting back in the morning.    I’d booked to stay at the Macdonald hotel by Picadilly and its a really nice place with big rooms and a nice view of the railway line.    We had some friends also staying there, so it seemed like  a sensible choice.     I got the train from work and met Tony in Manchester, and we went out for a thai meal when I got there, to our favourite restaurant, Koh Samui.

I had been a little indecisive again regarding what I was going to wear out to the first nights event, but I settled on wearing my new neoprene trousers and neoprene vest underneath my nasty-pig trousers and shirt.   They stretch a little so they are also easy to get on and off over boots, and I thought would be easier to change out of at the club.   I love the german style zips on my neoprene, as they have an opening for your cock to go into, and then the zip flap can be drawn down for easy access to your cock poking through into a handy pouch!

We met up with Chris, and then headed to Eagle first, followed by a drink at the Rem, and then got to Alert.   It was rammed, which was to be expected for a pride weekend, but surprisingly they were also only letting ticket holders in on the door.   This meant a few regulars being turned away as we arrived just before midnight, so I was glad that Tony had pre-booked the tickets.     Inside, the Rob shop was not there, which gave people a bit more room to get changed, but it was the normal setup, apart from the appearance of a single sling in the darkroom area, specially for Pride.    The place was really busy though so access to the back area and dark room was really limited.

We met several of our regular friends there,  but I started to feel a little self conscious in my neoprene gear.    I cant quite place my finger on it, but with a lot of new faces in there, it was a bit of a weird atmosphere.     Tony then chose an inopportune moment to decide to go outside and smoke,   Chris wandered into the back area to explore, and our other friends had quickly gotten bored of being crushed so  decided they were going to leave and go back to Company bar or Eagle.    This left me standing on my own, in the main area for a good while.      I realised that I’m not good at being on my own in a busy fetish night, with a lot of people looking for fun.   In one way I was flattered by the attention, but when a drunken guy in rugby kit (who I think under normal circumstances I’d have found quite cute) wouldn’t take no for an answer, and even after i’d had a wander around myself to try and lose him, I got to the point where I just wanted to get changed back into my nasty-pig gear and leave too.    When Tony returned, about an hour or so later (those cigars do take a time to get through), I was ready for the off.

The following morning, I felt like crap.      Tony went off to a friends coffee and cake morning, and we arranged to meet up later at the parade.     Several lemsips and ibuprofen later, I managed to make it out the hotel.  The parade is my highlight of the weekend normally as I think its the best one I’ve seen, and its great to see so many local guys taking part in the various floats.   Having floats also means that the themes can be bigger and bolder.       Our friend Neil stood with us and took a load of photographs.  As a professional photographer, he has a much better eye for great shots, and he’s posted a load of them of the parade onto his website.

The best walking group of Pride, the Rubber group really did stand out from the crowd.

The best walking group of Pride, the Rubber group really did stand out from the crowd.

After the parade we went back home to get changed into our leather gear to head out around the bars for the evening, in our leathers.   We mainly hung around outside the Company bar and Molly’s because the atmosphere is great there and you are away from the main drag of canal street.  When dressed in full leather you do get stopped a few times to be asked to have your photo taken, but I really enjoyed it this year making sure that I was pleasant with everyone that asked and I met quite a few nice people, including a mum who was so proud to be there with her newly out son and his boyfriend.

Drinking outside Company Bar at Manchester Pride

Drinking outside Company Bar at Manchester Pride

We met our friends from Birmingham whilst out and two new guys  Malcolm and Dave, and we ended up in the Rem bar till the very early hours of the morning with them.    Dave was particularly into boot licking and spent a good half an hour at Tony’s boots at the end of the evening.   He then kept asking me if he could lick my boots, and was told no on several occasions because he never used the words “please” and “sir”.   It was probably the beer, but no-one licks my boots without asking correctly.

On our way back home, we could have carried on and played for a bit but Tony was shattered.   I should have gone somewhere else and had some fun, but instead I lay there wide awake for an hour after realising I’d drunk around 5-6 vodka redbulls and they were keeping me wide awake!

Chewing on @themoodybears well worn rugby socks *growl*

Chewing on @themoodybears well worn rugby socks *growl*

On the Sunday, we got up and had a nice Nero based breakfast and then went for a quick wander around the market again to catch up with @themoodybear – he’d been wearing some socks for me, for several days for me to enjoy, and i’d purchased a new cap and shirt from him the previous day.   I love his gear, and its well worth checking out for the nerdiness of the designs.    Check out his website at www.themoodybear.com  and enter the discount code of “moodycard” at checkout for a 15% discount off all items.

That is where our weekend should have ended, because we then headed back to check out of the hotel and head home, but the previous night we had been chatting to a guy trying to start up and make the BLUF nights better in Manchester.   He’s organised a pub crawl for BLUF members the following night to try and show that there is a good leather scene in Manchester (something missing from the parade this year).      So after heading home, and chilling for a few hours, we decided to head back out into Manchester, but this time I decided (and Tony helped push me a lot) to go out in my leather trousers, waistcoat, puppy shirt and leather pup hood.



What proceeded was the best night of pride for me.   We met the group outside of the Rem, and met up with some really nice people, including Richard – a guy i’d been introduced with previously (he didn’t remember)   who didn’t have any leather attire on him but was in admiration of those that did.     He borrowed several items from people during the night, and i lent him my waistcoat and gloves, which he totally suited.  After a hour or so we moved from outside the Rem to the Company bar area, Tony then decided that I needed to put on my pup mask and pup out for a bit now we were out of the main canal street drag.   I wasn’t sure at the time, as there were no other pups there, but we were with our good friends, so I did as told and was overwhelmed with the response.   There were a few people who didn’t really engage with me as pup-bri, but a lot of friends did, and I enjoyed immensely the pup rubs, and the nuzzling I got to do (especially with Richard, who was very very good given he’d only just met me an hour or so earlier).

I stayed in my pup gear for the remainder of the BLUF pub crawl around to Eagle (where I was extremely pleased to nuzzle a few people!)  but we had decided that we were not going to head over to Manfest as it was in the same location as Alert had been.   We apparently missed a better night (as it was less crowed and had a better crowd in) which is a bit sad, but I was made up to finally pup out a bit in Manchester, something I didn’t think I’d ever do.        Im definitely going to book a hotel now for Pride, as it made such a difference to the weekend, but I think we’ll do the full 3 nights next year, instead of just the two.




Liverpool Pride 2014

I grew up on the Wirral, and Liverpool is the closest pride to home that I would say we have.  Its only been going for 5 years since the death of Michael Causer in the city in 2008, prompted the city to ask itself why it didn’t already have a pride event, when so many other cities already did.

Tony and IWe’ve been to each one since they started, and it had been nice to see each one grow annually, but this year was the first to introduce a ticket charge to get into the areas, and it did have a dramatic effect on the type of people there.

The event is split into two areas (although quite why the armband gave you access to 3 areas is unknown), a location down by the waterfront with a large stage for acts, and n area and local stage down by Mathew Street and the gay bars.

I’m not sure the £9 admission charge was organised that well.   On the day I bought 9 tickets, whilst hundreds of people who pre-booked queued to pick their up having paid £8 and a £2.50 ticket booking fee.    And there were far fewer people in the areas.    Whilst this could be seen as a good thing as it kept out the trouble-makers (none of whom  I’ve ever really seen at a pride) the admin fee was touted as being necessary to fund the security for the event.     It does make me wonder though who footed the bill for the massive amount of security the free event of the Giants required the weekend before, which must have cost way more, but was still funded free of charge.

Bri in LiverpoolThe day started off wet and windy with the parade being almost washed out, but the clouds soon cleared and the sun came out and we had a really good time celebrating Tony’s birthday.

I think the charge will remain to gain entry to the event, but I’m hoping that next year they find a way to either reduce the charges or organise them a little bit better.

Alert - Kink night every 4th Friday in Manchester

An excellent Alert night in July.

After returning home from London fetish week, it wasn’t long in the week before the reality of work set in again, but fortunately on the Friday, there was the monthly occurrence of Alert! once more in Manchester.

I was still pretty much in pup head-space following on from the events of LFW with Tony, but the prospect of actually pupping out at Manchester filled me with so many nerves.    Most of the time when we attend, we use it as a social space to meet new subs, and being the “doubletop” that we advertise when we play,  its difficult to take a setting where you generally try to give the persona of a being a dom top and then show the other side of your personality.    I’m not saying that its not always there, as I’m a switch after-all, but getting into the head-space with the people you are familiar with can be daunting, especially when it only something you’ve really done behind closed doors before.

So, we met up with our friend Chris in the Black Eagle, and also had the offer of a lift over to the event from our friend Ben.     Chris has subbed for us before, and particularly for me, at a past Alert event, when he spent a lot of time at my boots and collared.    Ben is fairly new to the kink scene and is joining us in Berlin for Folsom, which will be fairly eye-opening event for him I think.

Darren dressed in his uniform

Darren dressed in his uniform

I was also really excited at the prospect of meeting Darren (@deadliftbear) , a new master that I had been chatting to over twitter for a couple of months.  Both friends of Andy (@themoodybear), we had  been at the Alert in May, but hadn’t managed to say hello to each other (me being shy, had seem him occupied for most of the evening with friends, but hadn’t approached).      Over twitter, he had been chatting to me about getting more experience of being a master and my love for all things sock related.  As a Powerlifter,  he had been recounting how his socks had been dripping with sweat after a workout and also how he wanted to explore more of his masters side – something he was only just discovering but taking to like a duck to water, and wanted to explore further.

We had a couple of drinks first in the Black Eagle, and then went on to Alert around 11′ish where we met up with a few people that we knew and I met Darren for the first time.    I’d recommended that he spoke to Tony in terms of some of the mentoring that he’d enquired about , so the two of them hit it off straight away, which was really good to see as after a bit they went off outside to smoke cigars together and I didn’t really know what they were talking about – I carried on chatting to the people that we knew there and mainly talking with Chris and Ben.     The evening wasn’t as busy as I’ve seen it previously, but with next month being Pride, and with no specific event on in Manchester, it was good to have some space in the place.

At around  12:30,  Tony came over whilst I was chatting to Chris and instructed me to put on my pup hood.   At first, it surprised me a little, but I dutifully knelt whilst he laced up the back of the hood.

IMG_1123The hood is totally amazing.  Every time I have it on, I realise how perfect it is.  I love the fact the the leather is tight around my face.  I love the fact that it included a pecker gag that stops me from talking and only allows me to make pup noises, and I love the fact the nose holes lead down to the mouthpiece that can be zipped up and closed.

I knelt there whilst Tony put on my mitts and then brought out a dog lead that he had brought with him and attached, and looked quickly around to see that most people around where looking at what was going on.    Tony then started to take out the rope that he had with him and started to put me in a rope harness with my mitts firmly attached to my side.     His rope skills are getting better and better and I was again really proud to be his subject as he roped me up, with an even bigger circle of onlookers there.    After being tied, I moved myself as close as I could to Tony’s legs, a bit shy at first, but with a sort of pride inside too that I  was actually showing off my pup side for the first time in Manchester, and with friends around too, who don’t normally see that side of me.    It was comforting to have Sir pat me on the head and I was hoping that I was making him look good too having a pup on his lead at his side showing off his rope skills.       The gag had been placed firmly in my mouth,  and then I saw Darren handing over a pair of his used white trainer socks which was placed inside the mouthpiece and then the mouth of my hood was zipped up.

The smell of his socks hit my nostrils straight away as I breathed in.    A musky sweaty male smell, and I could see him stood in front of me, manliness exuding from him whilst my lungs filled with his scent.    My cock was hard as a rock at this time, and I can honestly say that the next 5-10 minutes where a blur as my mind was just overpowered by scent from the socks and every neuron in my brain firing at how sexy it was being forced to breath in these sweaty socks in front of  a crowd.     Sir kept me close to him for a bit to check that I was ok whilst he continued to chat to Darren and our friends and I sat there obediently waiting for further instructions, intently happy and pleased with the excellent gift I had in front of my nose.  He also paraded me around the club,  which I felt really nervous at, but again had an inner sense of pride that I was his pup and I was just doing what he wanted.    I always find it hot to see a leather master in control of a sub or pup, so thinking that that was how other people in club looked on, made me happy.

Then, as I looked up, Tony handed the lead to Darren.   Immediately, my mind started to panic a little.   Not only was this the first time in pup mode in a Manchester club, but I had been masked, collared, leashed and now handed over in control to someone I had only met for the first time earlier that evening.   I looked up, to see Darren’s beaming smile staring down at me. I expected to feel even more nervous, but suddenly the nerves were gone.  I felt totally safe in his control, and his leather gloves came down to pat me and tell me that I was a good pup.      My instinct to nuzzle my new handler instantly kicked in.    I already had his scent buzzing around my head, now the added smell of his leather gloves coming through and I had an opportunity to nuzzle, rub and obey my new handler and I was going to make the most of it!

He kept a tight reign on my leash whilst I was at his side, like Tony does.   I like this, as it means I have to give my attention to the handler or sit and be obedient.     I was handled for the next few  hours and I enjoyed every single second of rubbing up again him and getting to sniff every inch where I could.     I’ve alwasy thought of footy/boot worship and sweaty socks as the key to my submissive side, but they are are a great obedience tool for me too!

Tony released me as the night got later, and it was good getting to take my hood off, as I hadn’t realised how hot it had gotten in there, but then I got to have a tussle over the socks with Andy.    We’ve been friends for ages and regularly chat at Alert but it was good to pup out a little with him tussle over a sock (my favourite puppy pastime) even though I didn’t have my hood on at that time, it made it even more exciting have the socks in our face and me pinning him down to get it back…  woof!

It was really sad to have to go at the end of the night, and one of the few times we’ve stayed right to the end of an Alert night too, but it was definitely one of the best nights I’ve had there, with everything just clicking into place.

I’m really looking forward to spending more time with Darren and Andy when the opportunity presents itself…

A group photo of everyone attending the Leather Social picnic event

London Fetish Week 2014 (part 2)

Because of our late night at the Eagle we slept in till late on the Saturday morning, before deciding to head out and find some breakfast.     We’d realised that we’d actually not really eaten a lot the previous day (but drunk a fair bit!), so we went down to the cafes in Vauxhall and found a nice place to sit outside and had a full cooked English breakfast in the sunshine.

On the previous Fetish Week events there had been very little to do during the daytimes other than go to the Fetish shops around London and partake in shopping or hang out at their stores if they had some porn star to ogle at.   However, this year we had seen the “Leather Social” being advertised on the official programme, an event in the park just around the corner from Comptons.

We came last in the 3 legged race, but it was a size thing!

We came last in the 3 legged race, but it was a size thing!

The Leather Social usually runs on the 1st Sunday of the month at Comptons as a meet event for guys into leather to attend.    They’d arranged a picnic in Saint Anne’s churchyard, only around the corner from Comptons from 3pm to 8pm.  We arrived promptly at 3pm armed with a variety of food bought quickly on the way from Waitrose.  It took a few hours for people to start turning up, although we were greeted immediately by the organisers and made to feel welcome and aided with the blowing up of some balloons and sticking the stakes in the ground for the 3 legged races.

Caught in the act of munching.

Caught in the act of munching.

It did indeed stick to its name and was the most social event of the weekend and we met so many nice guys there, that we hope to see again at future events.  It is only a pity we are so far away from London, otherwise we would be there every event.   We did take part (and came last) in the 3-legged race, handily using the bondage rope for tieing up people together.   I also got a rather nice leather neck tag with DT_BRI on it, punched by hand from the hubby.  We stayed until the grounds keeper wanted to get rid of everyone, and we had palmed off the 25 or so balloons to 1 child (who I thought would float away!) and their mother that were in the park, before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the main event of the weekend.

After changing into my leather gear (and umming and agghing about what to wear again), we headed to the Eagle for a beer, where we met up with Vaughn and Richard, who had just finished the skinhead event (ran until 9pm at the Eagle) and then were having a chillout before heading onto the Full Fetish Event themselves.     It was good then getting on the bus with a load of people from the Eagle and other kinksters all together to head to the event, and I must also thank the pup or handler that was giving out home-made bone biscuits on the bus (of which I had a rather large one!).

The LFW “Full Fetish” event was held at the Coronet, a place I’d not been to before.   The night started from 10pm according the ticket, although we arrived at around 10.15pm.   The organisation to get people in was pretty poor.    The queue outside was massive (around the block) and hadn’t even started to move when we arrived.    I’m not sure if they opened late, or they were just letting in the VIP’s first, but the queue didn’t start to move until about half past, and we finally got into the club at 11.     They had been metal detecting, and checking bags of everyone that was entering, which given that every fetish person had a bag of kink gear, and most had piercings, it was taking a long time to get everyone in.      Then the drama of the bag check began.   I began queueing for the downstairs bag check, and I actually gave up after 30 minutes wait, and decided to just carry my backpack and get a drink.      An hour later I went back to the bag check downstairs and was told that it was full, and that I’d have to use another one upstairs that they had opened up.     So, off I went upstairs only to find another queue it took 30 minutes to wait in (with a LOT of people complaining that they had been waiting in total for over an hour now) to finally put in my bag.     So, low marks to the Coronet staff who really should have thought about how to get people in and sorted a lot quicker.

Arriving at Full Fetish and getting our pic taken with cchancub from Recon

Arriving at Full Fetish and getting our pic taken with cchancub from Recon

However, I must say the set-up of the venue was amazing.   The club itself is an old theatre, and they had one of the best dance set-ups there with video on a massive cinema style screen all synchronised to the music, with lots of fetish images and some great DJ’s.    Outside in the arches there was a large wet-room with a couple of baths (handy for the several times I need to pee quickly),  a fairly large dark-room area,  and a great area with equipment for being tied up, or flogged.   @superpup6901 needs to be congratulated for his help in organising that, because it was the best arch of them all.       We met all the Tskinpack there again, who are brilliant guys and was such a pleasure being able to chat a bit with them this time.

Tyke sets up a nice flogging scene with

@tskinboot sets up a nice flogging scene with  @smse14

I watched for a good hour whilst @tskinboot tied up a gorgeous looking lad and suspended him in the archway, absolutely amazed at the intricacy and tidiness of the rope-work.     Am looking forward to getting to spend more time with them potentially at around Berlin for Folsom, as they are really great guys.   (And I’m also determined to do Qualgeist for the 1st time too!).

So, even though I changed half-way through into a harness and had my pup hood on my belt,  I spent most of my time wandering around the event and on the dance-floor rather than playing though.    Sir was busy outside and looked amazing as usual in his full Langlitz attire smoking heavily in the corridor and attracting a lot of attention.

We stayed out till late, and the collection of my bag wasn’t as stressful as dropping it off,  and the following morning, we set off fairly early to head home and see the family on the way.   I’m looking forward to next year and hope that this will now be an annual fixture on our calendar.





Main promo from the London Fetish Week event

London Fetish Week 2014 (part 1)

This may be a long post (and the 1st of probably 2 parts),  but we recently attended London Fetish Week (LFW). an annual week of events created by the guys over at the Recon website.     The week usually consists of some events during the day at various fetish and kink shops/bars and a themed night in the evening.   The website for the event is here

Every year, I miss going to the sports-kit night they organise, as because of work commitments we normally head down on the Friday and stay until Sunday.  This year was different however, as I had managed to book the Friday off work, and the sports-kit night was taking place on the Thursday.  So,  I managed to review the train times from Stoke-on-Trent and get  train into London straight after work on the Thursday night, which surprised me to how convenient and quick the trip was and reminded me I must do it more often!

We headed to the Eagle bar first, in Vauxhall,  for a quick drink before we went on to the sport-kit night, and this was my first time here.  Its a great local bar with a lot of space inside and an even better decked patio garden in the rear.   It was pretty quiet when we went in though.  A quick beer for courage and we went off to our 1st official LFW event.

So, the sport-kit night in the Hoist was a new thing for me, and not one that I can say I really enjoyed.    After entering and finding the electronic ticket we had was near useless, and we just needed to quote a name of booking it then took a bit of time to take off trackies and bag-check.

I had decided to wear my Everton kit, and new Nikes, so was predominantly in dark navy blue, something in the dim lighting I hadn’t taken into account as it looked like I was dressed in black!   We met up with our London friend Mike in there (dressed rather fetchingly in his new Leeds Rugby shirt), so it was a decent night catching up and getting to hang out in sports kit, but by the time it got to 1am, I was a little bored.

A lot of the time I associate sports-kit nights with my sock fetish, and to be fair there are very few sports-kit nights where there is sock play (or at least to those I have been to). I just found the event lacked a friendliness with many guys just stood around cruising and not a lot of social banter.    I’d had no interest from anyone in kit, Mike had disappeared with a nice looking fella into the play spaces of the Hoist, and Tony had had a few advances and some fun with an older bear in rugby kit, but I just wasn’t feeling it and we headed back to the hotel around 2am.

On the Friday, we got up and headed round the corner for a Starbucks breakfast and then on into town to go to Expectations.  I’d wanted to buy a rubber one-piece or some other attire to go with my new leather pup-hood,  so I wanted to check out here and also Regulation if I didn’t find anything.  Fortunately in Expectations, I tried on a rubber one-piece surf-suit, and liked and purchased it immediately. We then headed back to get changed and were heading onto the welcome party being held at Comptons.

Tony, Me and RIchard

Tony, Me and RIchard

The Fetish Welcome was quiet at first but really got busy rather quickly.  Held in the upstairs area of the bar, it soon overflowed to downstairs, and provided a much more friendly environment to meet people that you’d only seen before on Recon previously.   We also met up with Vaughn and his partner Richard who we met for the first time.   They will be coming to Folsom with us later in the year, which I am really looking forward to.   It was also good, as I had a few beers there which helped me relax for our trip after the bar, which was a planned visit over to Fetishbound.

This wasn’t a part of the London Fetish Week official events, but just coincided with the weekend.   Its held monthly and had looked to me in the past to be a good play-space for pups and for being tied up.        I’d already expressed to Tony that I wanted to play more with both in public so we jumped the tube over to Kings Cross where this event is held, just around the corner. I was really really nervous about going, because of wanting to put on my puppy gear and how it was going to go – but I have to say, that everyone there was really friendly.   We met Tyke & his pack there, and Tony made me put on my hood, with full gag and zipped up the mouth immediately, so I was only able to really communicate with anyone I recognised through paw waves, and nods.     I think he was maybe a little nervous in  a new venue around a lot of new people we didn’t really know too, so I stuck to him like glue whilst we had a drink (fed through a straw because of the confines of the mask) and then he decided that he’d tie me up in a rope harness.

There was a couple of people there who hogged some of the equipment even though they weren’t actually playing (more like waiting for someone to come over and hoping that they would then use the equipment).   I always see this as bad etiquette, just I would do in the gym when someone finishes using a piece of equipment and then they just sit there stopping anyone else from using it.     So I did growl a little when my Sir couldn’t find a place to tie me, but instead he used the floorspace and waited whilst he put me in the rope harness.    He’s getting better and better with his rope-work and really enjoying trying new things.    I wish there were somewhere for masters to go that just concentrated on them all sharing knowledge together ,  but I realised that this was an extremely busy version of Fetishbound because of the fact it was the Fetish Weekend, and we were in effect just as much strangers there for the first time, as a lot of other people.

In a harness and my rubber at Fetishbound

In a harness and my rubber at Fetishbound

I spent about an hour in the rope harness, and it was such an amazing experience being hooded and gagged for this period of time in a club, and being pulled along to where my Sir wanted to be as he was talking to people.   I just had to listen intently at his side and wruff at appropriate moments when fellas commented on what a cute  pup I was.    It did make me burst with pride.        It was so exhilarating to explore this submissive side of me in such a public way, and do it so brazenly as a pup.  I think as a sub you don’t get to show this as much unless you go in gimp mask and are silent but its a different level of communication completely.

Put up on a massage table and then bound completely at Fetishbound in London

Put up on a massage table and then bound completely at Fetishbound in London

About an hour and half in, and the table on one side of the play space area became free and it didn’t take long for Sir to decide to put me on it, so that he could then continue further rope-work around my legs and bind me securely to the table.      What I hadn’t then counted on was he then proceeded to take out my cock in public and milk it.    I hadn’t been given permission to cum, so it took all my mental strength, mixed with the thoughts running through my mind of who could see my cock, who was watching.     Sheer mental torture, which I was so happy about, but all I could do from behind the rubber gag in my mouth, was moan as I was completely tied at this point and unable to stop him from doing just as he wished.

After about what seemed 20 minutes or so, Sir untied my legs and let me up off the table so we could go and relax by the bar – which I really enjoyed again as the people there were very friendly and easy to get on with.         It was almost with reluctance after around 2 hours that Sir unhooded me, and i realised just how hot and sweaty I was under the hood and in my rubber-one-piece.       I could tell that he wanted a break outside for a smoke-break at this point.  He is such a cigar-master, that we agreed it was time to leave at this point and head back to Eagle Bar in Vauxhall.

The Eagle is a really nice gay venue.  It was the first time I’d visited there earlier in the day, but its a good sized bar, with a great decked outside area.  Its great for cigar smokers basically, so we headed back so that Tony could smoke and we’d have a fairly early night before the chaos that would be the Saturday events.

On arrival back at the Eagle,  we met our friends Vaughn and Richard again and stayed for a few hours drinking and socialising.   My pup mask didnt go back on again at that venue, but I was totally in pup-space for the remainder of the Friday evening…

Alert! Manchester

Alert LogoI thought I’d knock up a quick review of my favorite kink night that we attend on a regular basis, Alert! in Manchester.   The night is held on the 4th Friday of each month at “Alter Ego”, a club right down at the end of canal street and to the right on Princess Street.

Alert! always seems to be focal point of several kink weekends that occur in the Manchester village.     They always have an event during the rubber weekend, the skinhead weekend, for pride and BLUF too.  They also try to have the occasional themed night too, although they accept any kink gear at all even on special nights so that people can always come in what gets them off.

As I previously mentioned, we attended the rubber event last month in May before heading off to Birmingham Pride, but this month we went during the skinhead weekend that was taking place in Manchester.     Its not often that I wear skinhead gear or go to skinhead events.   I do like the look of the gear, and I love the skinhead camaraderie when in groups.

In my skin gear and Drubskin t-shirt

In my skin gear and Drubskin t-shirt

Although my hubby was attending the event in his usual leathers, I got out my bleachers, boots and a new tshirt from Drubskin (www.drubskin.com) and his Society6 store (later article on his work to follow).

The night started off pretty quietly, but we met our friends Gary & Paul, and Gary & Joe and it soon got busy.   The skinhead contingent was pretty quiet though, with not many guys in attendance in skin gear, which surprised me as the nights are usually quite popular.

The guys from Rob had a sponsored head-shaving event going, which proved to be quiet popular, but I wasn’t sure how you got onto the list of how to have your head shaved.   It did dramatically improve the sexiness of several guys who went in with long hair and came out looking a lot harder.

Also an appearance by Danny_xxx (@skinbossdan on twitter) and his mates, provided most of the entertainment as they tied up a few boi’s on the dancefloor, acted hard and even at one point decided that trying to whip my arse through my bleachers was a good idea (its not, it used to taking a lot more than that!).


Taken by the guys at Alert!

Birmingham Pride 2014 / Midsbears


Us at the start of the Midsbears Pride March

Well, I had an absolute blast May bank holiday weekend at my first Birmingham Pride event, ever.   As someone that has been to Liverpool and Manchester Pride events only, I was really looking forward to Brum Pride.    We’ve been going to Birmingham a lot more over the recent year than we’ve been heading to Manchester, mainly for the Midsbears events held monthly, and the great gang of bears of all shapes and sizes that go to Eden bar.    I find the social side of this group to be fantastically friendly and open to all people.

You can check out their  website at http://midsbears.wix.com/welcome or head over to their site on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidsBears/  to check out more, but the events and monthly nights at Eden are always packed with fun and nice guys to meet.

Taken by the guys at Alert!

Taken by the guys at Alert!

We had decided to go Alert! in Manchester on the Friday night rather than head down to Birmingham.  This was mainly because they were advertising a leather theme, and we knew that XXL the bear night in brum would be absolutely manic.    As it turned out the Alert! night was pretty quiet, and not quite as full as leather guys as their previous months rubber night had been.     We stayed around and left there at 2am.

After only 4 hours sleep we headed in the centre of Birmingham to meet up with the guys before the march was due to commence.   The march kicked off at noon, but we’d agreed to meet up from 10.30am, which meant we had to hang around in the rain for over an hour, but everyone was in high spirits and this is were we were all issued with our ears to wear for the march.

I really enjoyed the march through Birmingham town centre, and would definitely do it again (maybe in fancy dress next year).   There was a fair crowd that had amassed given the terrible weather.

Gary and Paul

Afterwards, we headed back to the room to get dry and changed, and it was time to put on our leathers and head to Eden where we were we stayed through to the early hours.    Eden had a great set of acts up on stage all throughout the day and evening and some great BBQ food too, to keep everyone on their feet whilst drinking all day.

We had intended to head over to Boltz around 11pm, but we enjoyed the company of the Midbears group so much, along with our friends Paul & Gary and Paul & Keith who came over too, that heading to Boltz at nearly 1am was an afterthought!

We had missed the crowds though at Boltz, and it was good to explore the place whilst it was a little less crowded.   I checked out the dark-room area upstairs for the first time.     A need for sleep meant that we headed back to the hotel at around 3am though, as we were heading off on the Sunday.

Next year, I will definitely be booking a long weekend to be there all across the weekend, and I look forward to socialising a lot more with the Midsbears group over the next year.





Welcome to the 1st post on my new blog. I’ve created this to talk a bit more about the events and places that I attend and to be able to talk a bit more in-depth about my kink lifestyle and things that I like.

It compliments my Twitter account @DT_BRI (theres only so much you can say in 140 characters) that i set up over a year ago now, and I hope to share a few of the experiences, places and fetishes that I have.

I’d registered the domain “kitfans” a while ago as I had always aimed to create a social networking site for guys who are into kit.   By kit, I meant a variety of different kits that people are into for fetish reasons, so sports kit, leather kit, rubber kit, army kit, etc were all in my mind when I created the domain, however I never got round to creating the social site (maybe I’ll re-look at it dependent on the success of this blog, as RECON costs a lot!)

Some credit to @TSKINBOOT (Tyke) too, as his blog inspired me to have my own.

I’ve tried to update the “ABOUT ME” section on the blog to the best of my ability at present, but I have a feeling that this will be regularly changed.    As a switch, my mood really depends on the company I’m keeping and my feelings in general, but of recent I’ve been playing around with more of my submissive side, which is something that I hope to explore more of with my partner, husband and Master Tony.

I’m very good at writing down my feelings but not so hot on communicating them in person, so I also hope this will be of use to him in finding out my thoughts.

Please feel free to comment and message me via Twitter. I may over time also introduce an email address. I have posts on how I found Birmingham Pride, Las Vegas Smoke-out and San Francisco waiting to put up over the next few days…