Welcome to the 1st post on my blog. I’ve created this to talk a bit more about the events and places that I attend and to be able to talk a bit more in-depth about my kink lifestyle and things that I like.

It compliments my Twitter account (@DT_BRI) that i set up over a year ago now, and I hope to share a few of the experiences, places and fetishes that I have. Credit to @TSKINBOOT (Tyke) too, as his blog inspired me to have my own.

I’ve tried to update the “ABOUT ME” section on the blog to the best of my ability at present, but I have a feeling that this will be regularly changed.    As a switch, my mood really depends on the company I’m keeping and my feelings in general, but of recent I’ve been playing around with more of my submissive side, which is something that I hope to explore more of with my partner, husband and Master Tony.

I’m very good at writing down my feelings but not so hot on communicating them in person, so I also hope this will be of use to him in finding out my thoughts.

Please feel free to comment and message me via Twitter. I may over time also introduce an email address. I have posts on how I found Vegas and San Francisco waiting to put up over the next few days…